You want me to be nice
But I am just so upset towards him
How do you expect me to even be nice
When he is just making things difficult for me
I can’t even do my job when everything is breaking
Everyone is just looking out for themselves.
No point trying to be nice then?
I’m just so mad at this world

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I have enough of moping around.
I just want to make stuff.
There are people who just don’t care about who you are or what you do even though you care about them.
I don’t have all the time and energy in the world to do that anymore.
I have gotta pull myself together.
And the people who truly want to stick with me till the end are the people I should focus my time and energies on.

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I guess it all boils down to expectations.
I expect others to be nice to me because I am nice to them? But in fact they are not obliged to do the same in return.
Will I stop being nice then?

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What else can I do
I just want to tear myself apart
Do my voice even matter?
Nobody cares
It’s none of my business
I try to be sensitive
But in the end who actually cares

I don’t want to be that unkind person you know?
There are just some who don’t deserve you to be nice.
Maybe you are that person.
Yet why do I still try?

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Maybe being too nice is boring.
Having a little evil streak inside you spices things up…
And people wouldn’t simply step over you.

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It’s ok

I’m ok

I’m stronger than I think I am

I can do this

Even if I’m alone, I can do this.

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The whole film took me altogether about 5 grueling months (usually 10-12hours a day) to do. I often felt my butt was going to grow into the chair I usually sat at. 

Please note that this was simply my way of doing my film to achieve the soft-shaded style I wanted; there are many other ways of doing this and some are a lot faster with different results~! :)

This tut differs a bit from my dA version, because tumblr lets me put the combination of gifs and jpegs :D. 

Here’s a book that will really help you start animating:

here’s some books that are good for composition, storytelling and colours:

I hope these helped

I ask that no one removes the credit or source for this tutorial/guide please. thanks :)

And this is a keeper!  No doubt about that!  :)

I’m just gonna put this one on standby

for when I start my senior film!

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"You are never alone or helpless.
The force that guides the stars, guides you too."
-Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (via mirroir)
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I don’t know what’s wrong with me anymore